🕹️ Just joined the Decker Fantasy Camp 2024!

I just dropped everything to join the Decker Fantasy Camp 2024 and I have 22 days to finish a game.

I’m a little late to the party, but I wanted to contribute something to the Decker community… because they’re awesome!

Here’s my game idea:

  • Survive being trapped in your own video game while finding a way out.
  • The game will be a Choose Your Own Adventure style game with some random elements and resource management.

Start With Art

One of my weakest areas of game development is art, so that’s where I wanted to focus my attention for this jam.

I want to focus on developing my own style over the course of the jam. That means making a lot of art and also throwing away a lot of art.

You can see some of the exploration I’ve done already.

To keep myself accountable, I also want to produce frequent dev logs as the jam progresses.

I hope that showing my process will encourage others to also make their own games.

If you want to receive updates on how I’m developing the game, you can follow along by subscribing to my newsletter.