Gabriel Cornish

👋 Hi, I'm Gabriel Cornish and I am a Sr. Game Designer.

I believe in creating playful experiences so that people can feel joy. I approach every project with playfulness, enthusiasm and curiosity. I've designed levels, systems, narratives and gameplay features for games that have been played by millions of passionate players around the world.

Need a more technical designer? I can prototype gameplay and script in languages like C#, Python, and Javascript. In my spare time, you can catch me doing Freeware Game Development and participating in game jams.

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🎮 Games & Projects I've Worked On

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

Senior Designer/Core Gameplay - HPHM is a mobile RPG set in the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

Hogwarts Mystery Quidditch

Feature Owner/Core Gameplay - Quidditch introduced a brand new narrative and gameplay mode in the mobile Harry Potter RPG.

Panda Pop

Level / Feature Designer - Strategically burst matching bubbles to beat the evil baboon & return the cubs to their worried mother!

Vineyard Valley

Level Designer - Channel your inner designer and bring your vision to life as you transform a rundown vineyard into a vibrant resort!


Narrative Designer - A goofy CYOA game made with some friends for Ludum Dare!

Dino Ducket Dash!

Project Lead/Core Gameplay - 80s Arcade Action! Dodge dinosaurs, collect duckets and survive meteor showers.

Shoot Stuff!

Solo Developer - A retro arcade game where you shoot stuff and can finish in a single sitting!


Solo Developer - A 1-minute puzzle game about collecting water before a 100 year drought.

Amor Fati

Solo Developer - A feel-good micro game about what can be created from nothing. Made for Ludum Dare game jam.

Marshmallow Nights

Solo Developer - Goof off and eat marshmallows with your friend in this micro-twine game.

Springfield Property Manager

Contributing Developer - A property management simulation game created by HomeTeam GameDev.

The Hacker's Cave

Solo Developer/Narrative Designer - A short dystopian twine adventure.

Time Canon

Contributing Developer - Control time! Stop an invasion!

Mobius Inversion

Contributing Developer - A Space Schmup.